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Authorized agent Meridian GNSS :

Our company offers a group of the best satellite positioning devices based on (GNSS).
By providing solutions that enable our customers to thrive thanks to a wide range of surveying equipment, starting from GNSS Receivers  and Cors stations to Total stations, 3D laser scanners, and hydrographic products.

Surveying works :
Our company works in many different fields of surveying work, including raising detailed surveying, raising grids, and signing surveying work, using the most accurate devices and equipment such as GPS Station and integrated monitoring station devices Total Station

  • Authorized agent for Meridian GNSS GNSS & Cors to Total station
  • Surveying works GPS Station & Total Station

Surveying equipment rental :

Our company owns a group of satellite positioning devices in addition to integrated monitoring stations.

– GPS Meridian M8

– GPS Sokkia Grx3

– GPS Topcon Hiper VR

– Total Station Sokkia(CX102-CX105-CX107)

– Total Station Topcon(ES105-ES107)

– Auto Level


Importing and selling surveying equipment and accessories :

The company relies on importing the best and most accurate devices and accessories of high quality and the best raw materials ever and providing all products to our customers depending on the best suppliers.

Maintenance and calibration of surveying equipment :

The company has its own laboratories to maintain and calibrate surveying equipment, using a collimator equipped with an LCD screen to calibrate laser beams, adjust them, and calibrate all laser scales.

Surveying equipment rental

Maintenance and calibration of surveying equipment

Importing and selling

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