M2Pro GNSS Receiver

  • M2Pro GNSS Receiver

    The Meridian M2Pro is a user-friendly and portable smart antenna with IMU that offers high-quality positioning data, greatly improves your working efficiency. Supports multiple constellation and frequency tracking, calibration-free tilt compensation IMU technology, it is designed to be worn and used on-the-go, and it can provide professional-grade results. Equipped with a high precise GNSS module, the M2Pro is capable of achieving centimeter-level positioning accuracy using CORS differential data.

  • Specifications
  • Mini IMU GNSS Rtk
  • 1408 Channels
  • All Satellite [ Gps -Glonass – Galilo atc]
  • Tilt Compensation UP To 60o
  • 1800 mah Batteries
  • Type C
  • Weight 170 gm
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  • M2Pro GNSS Receiver